First organised in 1979 as an event of the international Year on Children, the Festivals aimed at providing free and quality entertainment to as many children as possible. The 1st of June was selected, being the International Childrens Day and since then, Festivals are organised in all five districts of Cyprus around that date.

 Painting, pottery making, traditional games, interactive games, puppet shows, theatrical play, shadow theatre, singing and dancing brought hundreds of children and helped informing children and the general public on what the International Year on Children aimed at.

 The big success resulted in the decision to institute the Festivals into yearly events, to enrich them and involve the local authorities, the Ministry of Education and Culture and other relevant authorities into their planning.

 Today, the Festivals are a major event for children both from urban and rural areas since all games, painting, pottery making and entertainment are still offered free of charge and no entrance fee is applied. Yet, through the sales of different items such as food and drinks, the Festivals provide funding to the District Committees and greatly increase their ability to offer advocacy services to children.

 Finally, with the involvement of the Cyprus Children’s Parliament, the Festivals are a means for children to express their views, inform children and adults on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and publicise the Children’s Parliament ongoing work.


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